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"A Life well travelled is a life well-lived"


Abigail Mair & Sydney Sarju

in the summer of 2020

Sydney Sarju

Freelance Stylist/Creative Director


She is a compulsive re-arranger and sees perfection in imperfection. Sydney understands seeing beauty in the little details and seeks out aesthetics everywhere she goes. Her love of travel, new cultures and beautiful spaces/places is what inspires her and her work. You can often find her sourcing new props, with a good book or at the beach. She believes that a life well travelled is a life well-lived.



Abigail Mair

Freelance Lifestyle Photographer


Her visuals evoke a story of the precious moments that make an experience memorable. She spends most of her days laying out at the closest beach or staying in bed a little longer to watch the light break through the shades. She wholeheartedly believes that you should live in the moments you want to remember forever. Having been brought up in the beautiful island Jamaica, she captures bright, colorful and intimate images that invite her viewers to experience new tastes, possibilities and perspectives.


 Vacations Matter.

Our values



It is important to discover the beauty of the world, but to also respect it. We love all things travel, but it should be done in a responsible and conscious way. When booking with us, it means we share a philosophy of slowness an an appreciation towards nature, people, and cultures.



We believe in supporting local and artisanal projects/people. This applies to the homes and places we work with and the brands we collaborate with. Each home or destination that we feature goes hand in hand with our own beliefs and aligns with the values that we we hold dear to our hearts. 


Our barefoot philosophy is applied to the places we love but mostly to the way we live. Kick your shoes off and feel the warmth of the sand between your toes- this is what it is to truly vacation. We believe that you should travel luxuriously but still immerse yourself in the simple things and go off the beaten track.

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